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Get Organized in the New Year

It’s February now and maybe you need to rethink some of your New Years Resolutions.  Perhaps you want to get more organized.  Here’s a few tips to help you out:

Get your bathroom back in shape by using some beautiful cosmetic bags and baskets to store your hair clips, make up, soaps, and even towels or toilet paper.




File all that paperwork and keep a “work in progress” pile.  Here’s a guide to help you with filing and some inspiration for some pretty file cabinets.

Get your closet in order.  Sort through clothes you haven’t worn in a year or more.  Consider donating these to a local charity.  Once you have your clothes sorted through, organize them on proper hangers for them.  Having a properly organized closet makes it easy to take an inventory of what you have.


Go through your kitchen.  Perhaps there are some tools you never use.  There may be some you use more often.  Use this helpful guide to help you get your kitchen into an optimal working space.

Take a look at your dining room.  Are you in need of new table linens? Do you have serving platters you never use?  Take out you old linens and replace them for a fresh new look!  Use your own linens to help you polish up some silver since it’s nice and soft or as a rag.


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