Make Your Home Look Like Game of Thrones

One of the interior design goals of the epic fantasy series “Game of Thrones” is to present rich settings that do not look like generic European castles, so creators incorporated elements from Nordic, Moorish, Spanish, Persian, Mediterranean, and indigenous cultures to create a series of unique looks.

The North has thick fur coverings and sparse, dark rooms of the North and the cities across the Narrow Sea feature dusty desert beauty, but we’re going to concentrate on the decadent, boastful settings in King’s Landing where some of the most dramatic events in the series takes place.

First, you’ll need to decide on a heraldry theme to tie into various elements. If your family name is associated with a symbol or animal you may decide to embrace it, but you can always use online design sites like MyBlazon or MakeYourCoatofArms to create your own.

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You can then take that heraldry and have it printed on banner flags or even a shield for your wall. If you don’t have kids in the house you can also consider mounting a sword on your wall.


Alternatively, you can take the heraldry from the show, like Stark direwolves and Lannister lions, with items from Etsy, like these banner flags and these throw pillows.


Either way, there’s a wide range of products in the world that could be festooned with the heraldry you select, including slippers, tissue box covers, cosmetic bag covers and linen napkings.


Scout out more subtle applications for the heraldry as well. If you chose a lion, try investing in a lionhead door knocker or drawer pulls cabinets.


Wooden latticework screens on windows will immediately set your home apart and give guests something unique to ponder over while you plot your next move. These Moroccan designs give you a lot of options.


This red fainting couch provides an asymmetrical elegance to any room, being both an eye-catching centerpiece and a functional piece of furniture.


Lastly if you have some blank walls try covering them with a velvet curtain.


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