Tissue Box Cover - White Linen / Cotton, Embroidered - DG17

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These delightful Tissue Box Covers are offered with a wide variety of beautiful embroidery selections to add special accents to every room in your home or office.

Our Tissue Box Covers fit perfectly over Kleenex cube boxes. Some brands (including Puffs Plus Lotion/Vicks) have recently increased their box size. Please use our covers on Kleenex or brands that are the same standard size as Kleenex for best fit.

Size:               W-4 ½”,  D-4 ½”,  H-5 ¼” 
                       Fits the standard Kleenex cubes)(not Puffs)
Fabric:           White Linen / Cotton
Embroidery: 1 Embroidery (see selections below)
Washing:       Machine washable cold

Custom monogramming can be added to your Tissue Box Cover (also known as a Tissue Boutique) for a small extra cost. Please contact us at info@jacarandaliving.com to arrange it for you.

All our embroidered Tissue Box Covers are made by talented Zulu women on the KwaZulu-Natal coastline in South Africa.