Bathrobe - White Waffle Weave, Embroidered (Fleur de Lis, Beige) - TZ09**

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Made from 100% White Cotton Waffle Weave fabric. This Unisex kimono style design features a Shawl Collar, Belt, 2 Pockets and Satin Trim. A Beige Fleur de Lis is embroidered on the left side of the chest. This Bathrobe is unisex and suits both men and women. 

Fabric:          100% Cotton Waffle Weave 
Style:            Unisex Kimono 
                      (Flat Folded Collar, Belt,
                     Satin Trim, 2 Pockets)
Embroidery: Beige Fleur de Lis      
Washing:      Machine wash cold, dry on low heat
                       as it is 100% Cotton, it will shrink slightly after first wash

Size Guide:
Small          Size 2-4
Medium       Size 6-8
Large          Size 10-12

Code       Sizes       Chest    Sleeve     Body
TZ09-S   Small        23"        17"         42"
TZ09-M   Medium    24"        18"         44"
TZ09-L    Large       26"        20"         46"

These Bathrobes are in stock for immediate shipping. Sizes Small and Large are currently out of stock.

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