Collection: Boudoir Pillow Covers- Children & Baby

chiildren pillow cover

Welcome to our Enchanting Collection of Baby & Children's Boudoir Pillow Covers!


Make bedtime or playtime extra special with these adorable boudoir pillow covers, made on cotton percale from South Africa. These soft decorative pillow covers will bring joy and a sense of wonder to their space, making it a place they'll love to call their own. Make a statement in their room by ordering the matching embroidery design on a towel or tissue box cover.


Our pillow covers are designed to ignite your little prince or princess's imagination and create a cozy space that reflects their unique personality. Our designs range from whimsical animals to sailboats to princesses and everything in between. Each cover is crafted by talented Zulu women in South Africa and are made with the utmost care, attention to detail and softest cotton fabrics. Explore our collection today and create a magical atmosphere for your little ones to enjoy. 

If required, please order your Pillow Inserts separately.



playdate children pillow cover on bed