Collection: Kids Tissue Box Covers & Cosmetic Bags

Kids Tissue Box Covers & Cosmetic Bags

Whimsical Gifts for Your Children! Explore Our Playful Collection of Kids Tissue Box Covers, Cosmetic Bags and More! 


Add a touch of decor to your child's bedroom or bathroom with our darling Tissue Box Covers. All of our Tissue Box Covers fit easily over any standard Puffs or Kleenex tissue box. Your child will wake up happy looking at something pretty over their boring cardboard box of tissues. 


Our charming Cosmetic Bags are perfect for storing their treasures and essentials. Each bag is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring both functionality and style. This collection of embroidered designs are made by talented Zulu women in South Africa. 



rosebuds tissue box cover and girls in a row cosmetic bag