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Classic Victorian Sleepwear Styled For The Modern Lady

We spend so much of our lives sleeping, and yet so little time setting ourselves up for style and comfort while we snooze. Transitioning from the specialized, thoughtful sleepwear of yore to the haphazard t-shirts of today’s pajama drawer is heartbreaking. We love the idea of re-beautifying sleep with comfortable, luxurious modernity, and we hope your interest is piqued too.

White cotton gowns in a smock, halter, thin strap, or dress shirt style provide a myriad of chic cuts pulled from the past few centuries of women’s fashion. Matching sets based on classic Victorian pajamas in pant, capris, or short styles are a sporty and practical alternative.

Plain white cotton is beautiful in its simplicity, but small pops of color and texture like raspberry pink piping or intricate lace panelling add unique touches that speak to your own style.

Responsible Partnerships Create Beautiful Pieces

Our nightgowns are designed in Boston and made overseas. We believe our international partnerships set us apart because we use socially responsible production that pays tribute to the hard work of our highly skilled seamstresses and embroiderers. Our partnerships today echo back to the original admiration and close ties co-founder Cathy Deale formed with Zulu craftswomen in her native South Africa.

Strong, Soft, Cotton

All our sleepwear pieces are made of pure cotton, a lightweight, soft, and breathable natural fabric - sewn with durability and comfort in mind. Avoid dry cleaning; 100% cotton is best kept when gently washed and cared for at home. Keep washer and dryer options gentle and cool, not hot, and your fine fabric will simply become softer and cozier with each wash.

Quality Is Our Greatest Wish For You

Sadly, quality sleep and dreams are promises we at Jacaranda Living cannot make. We can promise the highest quality luxury Victorian sleepwear in the hope that it helps you sleep tight and dream sweetly. Peruse the many cuts and styles we offer below and see if a few stand out to you.

If you haven’t found a piece featuring cotton and delicate embroidery yet that you’ve fallen in love with, then you simply haven’t seen enough of them. Explore more from Jacaranda Living’s Victorian sleepwear collection to find your niche in the exquisite world of fine linens.

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66 Item(s)