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Feel Positively Ethereal In A Victorian Style Nightgown

Understated, classy, and darling, a white Victorian nightgown with some modern updates to style and cut is a beautiful addition to your nightwear.

Long-sleeve and smocked Victorian style nightgowns are light and flowy, yet still quite cozy for cold weather. Short sleeve styles are perfect for keeping cool during summer heat, letting you wake up feeling fresh as a Jacaranda blossom.

White lace nightgowns play with ultra-femme details like lace paneling, eyelets, and floral motifs, while cotton nightshirt styles borrow cues from masculine dress shirts for a stylish yet playful look.

All our styles are breathable and soft 100% cotton, giving your skin a relaxing and refreshing experience that only softens with each wash.

Don’t Miss These Robes

Also featured are our select styles of cotton robes in long- or short-sleeve. Both cuts are simple and elegantly flattering on a wide range of silhouettes.

Quality Linens Are Created By Happy, Supported Craftspeople

Several nightgowns feature our signature embroidery made by skilled craftswomen overseas. The quality of their craftsmanship is a cornerstone of the founding of Jacaranda Living. We’re proud to continue featuring the socially responsible production of our quality goods today.

Yes, You Deserve High-Quality Sleep

A white Victorian nightgown isn’t simply a beautiful piece of clothing, it’s a remembrance of cozier sleep, sleep without blue light from cell phone screens, late-night emails from work, or traffic blaring outside your window. Revel in the old-fashioned comfort of soft, loose cotton, because you deserve to be on track to a more beautiful night’s sleep.

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53 Item(s)