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Cozy Two-Piece Victorian Pajamas In Perfectly Matched Sets

Matching sets based on classic Victorian pajamas in pant, capris, or short styles are a sporty and practical alternative to the white cotton nightgown. A long-sleeved top matched with pants create a warm, cozy ensemble, or a capris and tank top combination can make an airy summer statement.

A plain white cotton set is beautiful in its simplicity, but unique details like roomy pockets and scalloped hems turn a set into a statement piece.

Victorian Pajamas With Modern Practicality

Separate pieces of all sets can be mixed and matched to find your ultimate combinations of personal style and comfort.

Drawstring-style pants and shorts make sizing and securing a breeze.

Made for durability and comfort, all matching sets are fashioned with pure cotton, a lightweight, soft, and breathable natural fabric. Dry cleaning is not advised; cotton is best maintained when carefully laundered at home. Keep washer and dryer options gentle and cool, not hot, and your fine fabric will thank you for years to come.

Beautiful Art That Also Supports Working Women

Our signature embroidered PJs are designed in Boston and made overseas by talented, hardworking women. Our partnerships in many areas overseas come from the original admiration and close ties co-founder Cathy Deale formed with Zulu craftswomen in her native South Africa. Their beautiful and high-quality creations inspired Cathy to use her love of fine linens to empower these women by expanding their sales from the South African coast to the U.S. and international buyers who appreciate quality and beauty.

What We Want For You: The Best. Period.

Every piece of our collections is made for comfort, quality, and style. We design our pieces to be durable and timeless for a good reason, because you know “the best” when you see it. Pick out your favorite pieces and drift to sleep knowing you’ll be comfortable and effortlessly stylish even as you first wake up.